Koshanin - Pianist & Composer
Koshanin - Pianist & Composer
Koshanin's CD Albums at "Music Millennium" Record Store in Portland, Oregon



"I was in a bad mood when I first met Koshanin, heading home after a work trip
that included three cancelled flights. I couldn't get out of Portland International
Airport fast enough.
And then I heard the soft tones of a piano being expertly played in the ABC Lobby.
My steps slowed. My shoulders relaxed.
I didn't recognize the music, but it was beautiful, and I stopped to thank its
--- The Sunday Oregonian Newspaper, August 2018 (An excerpt from 'The Oregonian' newspaper article by Samantha Swindler) 


"The last thing one expects to find is a grand piano in an airport terminal. This beauty features Koshanin, a pianist from the Balkans whose fingers dance over the ivory keys."
--- Portland Business Journal, March 2014 (from an article and photo essay by Cathy Cheney)


"...I just wanted to say that your playing is beautiful, and it made my day to listen to you.
I used to play piano competitively, but I stopped playing three years ago simply because I has a hard time balancing everything in college. So, it's been a while since I've really listened to any pianists. I am so glad I happened upon you playing at the airport. It brought back a lot of good, happy memories and makes me want to take up the art again.
Thank you so much for bringing wonderful music into the world."
---From a note by an anonimous traveler


“Koshanin, your music live was a finer gift than I ever imagined – so many rich, complex & soulful pieces. Your music reflected on sorrows but moved on into challenges, transformations & joys. It really lifted my heart. Now I'm ready for the new year, painting and seeing colors in new ways.”
--- Kris Wood, artist & painter (Portland, Oregon, USA)


"Piano, let the keys and tune relax your soul.
Feel the beauty coming from his fingers.
hear the chords soothe the mind.

Swell my dear, I'll let the sound come near.
No need to fear, I can praise the notes filling the air.
The echoes reach my soul, so thank you.
A contemporary dance of mine would go well with this.
~ Mysteriously Me"

--- A note left by an anonimous traveler


“Your CD is in my car CD rotation - nice for when I'm in a reflective mood.”
--- Alex Krebs, musician (Portland, Oregon, USA)


“What an unique style you have... Dream Walking sounds as if a movie was ending in time and there were one minute and forty one seconds to reflect on a
life time. So the song leaves you with the picture in mind. Just beautiful! Koshansko Oro is so cheering and clean. It has a piano message, a song from somewhere or to something. Just beautiful! Great work!”
--- Jose Del Hoyo, M.S.W. Counselor (California, USA)


"I Truly Admire Your Creativity & Passion... Cheers!"
--- Irina Singh, musician, singer, songwriter (Romania/UK/India)


"Excellent music! Success!"
Marcus Moura, musician & composer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


“Beautiful!! Fairy's Dance is both beautiful, and Dramatic!! Luv this piece!"
--- El Flowious, composer & music producer (Springfield, Oregon, USA)


"I am classically trained, and I just have to say how much I enjoyed listening to your tracks. They are great! I like the dynamic range, and especially enjoy the rubato sections. Thanks for playing!"
--- Landon S., musician & producer (Portland, Oregon, USA)


“Your music is beautiful! My daughter loves your music too! Very beautiful!!“
--- Carrie Cunningham, singer (Vancouver, Washington USA)


“I saw you play at the Portland Airport and your music is so lovely. Captivating, really, since I walked all the way back from Terminal A to listen to the end of your performance, and I've been listening to your songs online ever since. Thank you for your music!“
--- Johanna R. (USA)


"Hello from New Mexico! It was a pleasure to hear you play. It was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Your medolies were absolutely beautiful and almost brought me to tears as I reflected on the blessings in my life including the opportunitu to experience your music. I wish that you receive all the beauty that you give to others.
--- Shanetta (New Mexico USA)


"I wish I could bring you home so I could listen to this beautiful music all day"
--- By anonimous traveler