Koshanin - Pianist & Composer
Koshanin - Pianist & Composer
Koshanin's CD Albums at "Music Millennium" Record Store in Portland, Oregon

TV Report about "Port of PDX - Portland International Airport" by "Cita Con Nelly" TV Program on KUNP TV - a Spanish Language TV Station in Portland, Oregon. This TV Report that aired in November 2013 on KUNP TV covers the story about Portland International Airport (PDX) being named the best airport in the United States in a 2013 Travel + Leisure survey and four times from 2006 to 2010 in the Condé Nast Traveler Business Travel Award
Koshanin appears briefly a couple of times and his live piano playing can be heard throughout this video report.

(November 26, 2013)

In 2012 Cellist Josie Phelan & Koshanin produced this Promo Video for their duo-Project, Created from short excerpts recorded live @ Beheld 2012 Art Gallery Show in Madison's East Wing Event Hall - Portland, Oregon

(March 3, 2012)

Gnossienne No. 1 by Erik Satie - Koshanin, piano (October, 2012)

Gnossienne No. 2 by Erik Satie - Koshanin, piano (October, 2012)

Gnossienne No. 3 by Erik Satie - Koshanin, piano (October, 2012)

"Over Seven Seas" CD Album - 3D Album Artwork Presentation (September, 2013)

KKMX 96.8 - THE MIX - oNLINE RADIO STATION showcased two songs from Koshanin's album "Under the Sacred Tree" on their weekly "INDEPENDENT ARTIST SPOTLIGHT" Radio Show.
Featured songs: "Shto mi je merak poljak da bidnem" and "Navali se Shar Planina"
(songs start at ~1:52:00)

(November 18, 2018)

Here's what happens when you are in Seattle, just walking down the street... and all of the sudden there's this funky piano in the shape of a Viking boat ("Skíðblaðnir") in one of the parks. I couldn't help it but play a few songs! It turned into a quick impromptu improvisation based on three Serbian traditional folk songs: "Gusta mi magla padnala", "Vodicanka kolo" and "Ajde Jano".
Too bad, the pedals on the piano were broken so even though it was fun, playing the piano felt like driving on the highway with a flat tire. By the way, that's the water fountains behind me that's heard throughout the video.
This piano is one of 20+ pianos that are placed in various Seattle's parks every summer as part of the "Pianos in the Parks" program.

(August, 2014)


------- Here's some info on the piano and the artists who turned it into the "Viking boat": "Skíðblaðnir Artist: Kate Rose Johnson and Scott Johnson What a wonderful time we live in, when we can have at our disposal a piano with which to tell you a story! This tale begins where all stories do, with the human exploration for the right place to safely house their heart and the hearts of those they love. Sound and visual art have been intertwined in the story-telling process since that first charcoal sketch on a cave wall. This particular piano is a historical vessel; representing the way culture and music travels over land and sea to foreign soil, perhaps awakening a young mind or stirring memories in an aged one. When you sit at this piano bench, you may feel the sense loss and the thrill of adventure in leaving the fjords of Scandinavia to find Golden Gardens and an Emerald City." (from: www.pianosintheparks.com).

Playing the Kawai Baby Grand Piano at the PDX Portland International Airport...
Just as I sat at the piano, my friend and musician Gerardo Calderon recorded this little improvisation… a musical collage... a winding river of sound flowing over some mixed meters… 7/8, 4/4, 12/8, 15/8 and so on … Gracias, Gerardo!

(September 5, 2019)

"Still Waters" - solo piano piece by Koshanin - recorded live @ Groove Attitude Studios in Lausanne, Switzerland. Video production by Hedi Black and Valerie Chatelain.

(July, 2009)



featured Koshanin's music on their weekly radio show "Goddess KRING". This specific edition was titled "HEALING PIANO MUSIC themed radio featuring KOSHANIN & TORI AMOS narrated by Goddess KRING" and it featured three tracks by Koshanin from his album "Under A Sacred Tree" (In the Green Garden, Navali Se Šar-Planina, Tears of Joy) and Two tracks by Tori Amos from her Album "Night of Hunters" (Battle of Trees and Star Whisperer) with talking in between on music, health by Shannon Kringen.

(Thursday, May 30, 2019)