Koshanin - Pianist & Composer
Koshanin - Pianist & Composer
Koshanin's CD Albums at "Music Millennium" Record Store in Portland, Oregon

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HOUSE CONCERTS are a perfect way to enjoy live music in the comfort of your own home, with your friends or at your next party or celebration. They provide a unique opportunity to experience the artist and his music in a personal setting.

House Concerts are normally up to 2 hours long and consist of 2 - 3 music segments. Availability of an upright or concert piano at your house would be preferred but you don't need to have a piano available in order to host a concert at your home!


WORKSHOPS are unique presentations on the Mediterranean & Balkan music styles, culture & history. Educational and entertaining, they involve audience participation and feature music performances throughout the workshop.

Workshops are normally 2 - 3 hours long and consist of a seminar-style presentation and music performance segments. Availability of an upright or concert piano at the hosting venue would be preferred but it is not necessary!


House Concerts and Workshops are family-friendly, all-ages events.


If you are interested in hosting or organizing a House Concert or a Workshop in your home, town, school, church, local library, community space, country club or any other venue please Send in your request through the contact form Above.

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