Koshanin - Pianist & Composer
Koshanin - Pianist & Composer


Koshanin is a pianist and composer with a distinctive musical style and a cultural ambassador with a mission of enriching the cultural diversity in our communities through music and storytelling about the Mediterranean cultures, traditions and history.

Music... Culture... History... Koshanin's Concerts and Workshops are more than just about the music... they are a Cultural Experience!
Educating and entertaining, Koshanin's concerts and workshops take the audiences on a beautiful journey in time and space. A journey reaching far back in history and covering all the Mediterranean lands, all the while exploring the colorful mix of different religions, races, ethnic groups, their arts and traditions that influenced and shaped today's Mediterranean culture and music styles.

"The last thing one expects to find is a grand piano in an airport terminal. This beauty features Koshanin, a pianist from the Balkans whose fingers dance over the ivory keys."

Portland Business Journal, March 2014 (from an article and photo essay by Cathy Cheney)


“Koshanin, your music live was a finer gift than I ever imagined – so many rich, complex & soulful pieces. Your music reflected on sorrows but moved on into challenges, transformations & joys. It really lifted my heart. Now I'm ready for the new year, painting and seeing colors in new ways.”

Kris Wood, artist & painter (Portland, Oregon, USA)


"...I just wanted to say that your playing is beautiful, and it made my day to listen to you. I used to play piano competitively, but I stopped playing three years ago simply because I has a hard time balancing everything in college. So, it's been a while since I've really listened to any pianists. I am so glad I happened upon you playing at the airport. It brought back a lot of good, happy memories and makes me want to take up the art again. Thank you so much for bringing wonderful music into the world."
From a note by an anonimous Traveler @ PDX Airport


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Koshanin's music is available for sale internationally at CDbaby.com, Bandcamp.com, Amazon.com, iTunes and most other major online music stores, locally at Music Millennium Music Store and at concerts and live performances.


Koshanin's CD Album "Over Seven Seas" has been released for Magnatune - an independent record label from Berkeley, California and is available for licensing for use in art & video projects, film productions, in-store play, background music for business environments and more through Magnatune.com and also iLicenseMusic.com and MoodMixes.com.

Since February 2013 Koshanin has been a Resident Artist at Portland's International Airport's "ARTS & MUSIC Program" where he performs regularly and represents portland's cultural and musical diversity along with select other Portland-based musicians.

Koshanin - Resident Artist at Portland International Airport
Koshanin playing at "Port of PDX"

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